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End Seal Lamp

AIES-L  End Seal Lamp is designed for EPOLY SR heating cables, works as a signal indicator and cable end seal of heat trace system, workable for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. T-Standoff design indicates the operating status and also helps identify the end position of each electric heat trace system, convenient for process inspection and maintenance.



  • Easy Maintain: The light indicates the operation status of the heating cable, and also the position of the end seal.
  • Wide Range Voltage: The lamp is workable for 110V-270V.
  • Quick Connection: Cold-applied clamping terminal blocks.
  • Multi-application: AIES-L can also be an end seal box.


  • Rate Voltage: AC110V~270V
  • IP Code: IP65
  • Minimum Installation Temperature: -30°C
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: -40°C
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: +55°C
  • Maximum Pipe Temperature: +180°C
  • Connection: Insulated terminal crimp


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