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Quality is not an act.

It is a habit.

Quality Policy

E-Poly strive to provide excellent manufacturing services for worldwide customers.

To assure customer satisfaction, we seek dedication to quality to every facet of the company and achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Quality Certification, Quality marking
E-Poly follows international quality standards, ISO 9001:2015, to establish its quality system infrastructure. View ISO9001 certificate.
Technology Development
Each new technology, beginning in its R&D stage, passes a rigorous qualification procedure, based on some of the highest industry standards, before it is transferred to factry for manufacturing. In addition, advanced failure analysis and new materials evaluation process are also effectively employed in new technology and new product development.
Raw Materials and Supplier Chain Management
E-Poly integrates company resources from materials management, factory operations, and quality control to minimize the suppy chain risk. In addition to standard IQC, we have established a timely monitoring system of production process to ensure raw material quality. Epoly recognizes suppliers for their outstanding performance and expresses special appreciation to those who make contributions to technology cooperation.
Operation Accuracy and Efficiency
E-Poly has developed stringent manufacturing control systems to monitor quality and enhance error prevention. All abnormal signals will notify technicians responsible for taking prompt actions in a timely manner. These systems have been proven to be both cost-effective and efficient.
Customer Satisfaction Survey and Claim Management
E-Poly greatly values the customer voice and customer feedback. Our customer claim management system provides the timely handling of all customer claims so that any errors are recepted and quickly resolved. In addition, we conducts a customer satisfaction survey each year to assess customer satisfaction and to ensure that customers' needs are well understood and addressed.

E-Poly ISO9001 Quality Control Flowchart

Epoly ISO9001 Quality Control Flowchart

Manufacturing Excellence

E-POLY Technology-Advanced Heat Trace Solutions

E-POLY is a manufacturer of Heat Trace Cable, dedicated in the design and manufacturing of trace heating cable for snow melting, roof de-icing, pipe freeze protection, radiant floor heating and process heating.

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