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E-Poly Technology Co., Ltd (E-poly, Taiwan) was established in Taiwan in 2000. Since its establishment, E-Poly has been focusing on the development of conductive polymers, E-Beam irradiation cross-linking polymers, self- regulating heating cables and under-floor heating system.

In 2004, E-Poly set up its production base in Jiangsu province, China to cope with the growing demand of heating cable in China and worldwide.

With its capability of producing most of the raw material in-house, such as PTC compounds, irradiation cross-linking polyolefin jacket, fluoroplastics, etc. , E-Poly can ensure the stability and endurance of the final products. In addition, its dedicated design and implementation team, enables E-Poly to connect the value chain of both upstream and downstream heat tracing industry.

E-Poly’s competitive advantage lies in manufacturing excellence. Continuous improvements on quality and product design are guided through the feedback of worldwide customers and E-Poly’s experienced field engineers.

E-Poly is an ISO9001:2015 certified company, with zero debt and 2.5M USD in equity. Its steady growth for the past 20 years has been built on strong financial position, solid technical advancement and long term relationship with customers.

From the very beginning, Epoly has been providing top quality heat tracing products and service through:


In-house formulation and compounding of critical PTC, insulating and jacketing materials.

R & D

Commitment to R&D on materials and manufacturing technology.


Dedication to continuous improvement and modernization programs.


Professional heating cable expertise with our application engineering staff and sales team.

E-Poly Technology is the foremost manufacturer of heating cable in China.

The employees at E-Poly welcome the opportunity to serve your heating cable needs. We invite you to visit our facilities to see what makes us a top-rated heat trace cable manufacturer in the world.

Manufacturing Excellence

E-POLY Technology-Advanced Heat Trace Solutions

E-POLY is a manufacturer of Heat Trace Cable, dedicated in the design and manufacturing of trace heating cable for snow melting, roof de-icing, pipe freeze protection, radiant floor heating and process heating.

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