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Multi-application Junction Box

EMJB Multi-application junction box is designed for EPOLY SR heating cables, workable for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. It serves as a splice, T-Splice box, as well as a power junction box, and is able to connect up to two heating cables. Its detachable wire holder and large space greatly reduce the difficulty and time spent on splicing. If the temperature exceeds 180 degrees or vertical applications are required, it can be used with steel brackets, a metal stand is available.



For easy connecting, the placement of connections of different cables are not only staggered but also located in vertically different levels.

  • Each connection is separated from others by insulation walls to further enhance safety.
  • EMJB can also serve as a power junction box by simply replacing one of the grommets.
  • The graduation is printed on the box for quick measuring while stripping.
  • The lid is hinged at the box and its bolts and nuts are embedded in the box, so no worry for dropping them especially at aloft work.
  • The box can be installed using Standoff or hose clamps


  • Maximum Voltage:AC240V
  • Maximum Current:40A
  • IP Code:IP65
  • Minimum Installation Temperature: -30°C
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature:-40°C
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: +55°C
  • Maximum Pipe Temperature:+180°C                                                                    (Please switch to metal stand once over 180°C)


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