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EPOLY Series Constant Wattage Heating Cable

EPSC Series constant wattage heating cable generates heat by the core wire — a metal conductor with a certain resistance. Since the entire cable is in continuous flow, the same current passing through leads to uniform heating. Unlike parallel heating cables, the increasing length of series constant wattage cable will not cause a certain voltage drop, or the decrease of heating power at the tail. Besides, series structure of the cable enables its length several times that of the parallel one, making it more suitable for long pipeline occasions. However, it cannot be cut at will.


The series constant-wattage heating cable is workable for long-distance pipelines in petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries, as well as thermal insulation, antifreeze and heat tracing of large oil tanks and pools. It can be used in combination with other explosion-proof accessories, and in the T group places for Class II explosive gas in Zone 1 and Zone 2.


  • Apply Voltage: 220~240V & 380v~400V & 660-690v
  • Power Output: 20-60w/m

Ordering Information

Model numberSupply VoltagePower OutputConductor Quantity
40EPSC3/6-3CT380-400V/ 660-690V40W/m3
50EPSC3/6-3CT380-400V/ 660-690V50W/m3
60EPSC3/6-3CT380-400V/ 660-690V60W/m3

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