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Roof Deicing cable Automatic Control Receptacle


Designed to be used with roof and gutter de-icing cable. De-icing cables only need to operate when there is a possibility of melt water refreezing and ice dams forming. This control receptacle senses temperature and moisture to prevent un-necessary waste of electricity by only energizing the heating cable when it is cold enough and at the same time, water or snow do exist.



  • Turns on at 4°C (39°F) in the presence of water , turns off at 7°C (45°F) or when there is no water.

  • Blue light (main housing): Power to the heatinf cable

  • Green light(mian housing): RCR-U receiving the power

  • Easy to install

  • Save money and energy

  • With power indicator light built-in on the plug

  • No minimum order quantity

  • ETL certified


  •  Electrical apply:125V,10Amps
  • Moisture sensor: 10ft(3m)
  • Power Cord Length: 5ft(1.5m)
  • Including 6 clips, 2 mounting screws and 2 spacers


  •  The main housing must be kept dry and not exposed to the water.

  • The circuit supplying the RCR-U and heating cable must have ground fault protection.

  • All roof de-icing cables must be installed in compliance with the latest editions of: the National 

  • Electric Code: Canadian Electrical Code: State of Provincial Codes and Local Codes.

  • Any roof de-icing cable that is to be connected to the RCR-U must be installed according to the manufacture’s instructions.

  • Do not connect more than one roof cable to the RCR-U. The maximum cable size that can be connected to the RCR-U is 1200 Watts.

  • If the temperature is not lower than 4°C, but humidity sensor getting wet, blue light on main housing will light up and go out after 2min.


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