Pipe Freeze Protection

Effective and energy conservative solutions.

In-Pipe Freeze Protection by Self-regulating Cable

ETR series are extra slim self-regulating cables, designed to provide freeze protection of water pipes. Thanks to its narrow cross section area, this cable is suitable for installing on small diameter pipes or inside of pipes. With Fluoropolymer outer jacket, the cable is safe to be in direct contact with drinking water.

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Pipe Freeze Protection by Constant Wattage Cable

This heating cable with an integrated energy-saving thermostat will automatically heat up when the temperature drops below 40°F/4°C.  To protect water pipes from freezing and bursting in winter, simply applied the cables straight along pipes and then cover the pipes with a layer of thermal insulation. The cables will make up for the heat lost through the thermal insulation and keep the pipes and water inside at a constant temperature.

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