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Environmental sustainability

It is acknowledged that the earth’s natural resources are limited. In addition to forward-looking innovations, we also pay attention to enhancing the utilization of natural resources. We are committed to providing eco-friendly products conducive to recycling and energy-saving through our specific design, which creates a sustainable competitive advantage. The issue that carbon and greenhouse emission has aroused heated discussion. It’s our duty to maintain low carbon and eco-friendly environment with practical actions.

In accordance with gas emission by-law.

Qualified for pollution standard.

Qualified for environmental standard.

Implement recycling by full-time staff.

Dedicate to recycling, reuse and sustainable product researches.

Water & energy saving

Air conditioner at lowest 26°C

Plants to help beautify the environment

Manufacturing Excellence

E-POLY Technology-Advanced Heat Trace Solutions

E-POLY is a manufacturer of Heat Trace Cable, dedicated in the design and manufacturing of trace heating cable for snow melting, roof de-icing, pipe freeze protection, radiant floor heating and process heating.

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