We get what we want by giving customers what they want.

Customized Solutions

Epoly has a diverse and comprehensive range of heat tracing technologies for roof and gutter de-icing, pipe freeze protection, floor heating, process temperature maintenance solutions. Our know-how and experience in material science as well as capabilities in cable development and interoperability testing have enabled us to expand product ranges across residential, commercial and industrial fields.

We offer design and manufacturing services to our customers according to their requirements and applications for optimal performance and minimum costs. To ensure  the success of projects, we have set up the following procedures:

Step 1: Define Rated Output

Step2: Layout Cable Structure

Step 3: Material Selection

Step 4: Determine Sheath Material

Step 5: Computer Simulation

Through the active utilization of computer thermal analysis of the cable performance, we can reduce the number of testing or prototyping processes and shorten the lead time of product development. The thermal phenomena of a heating system is determined by three primary types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. Thermal analysis calculates temperature distribution, thermal gradients and thermal flow. Through computer simulation, we are able to observe the thermal quantities of the heating cables in transient and at steady state.