Pipe Freeze Protection

Effective and energy conservative solutions.

In-Pipe Freeze Protection by Self-regulating Cable

ETR series are extra slim self-regulating cables, designed to provide freeze protection of water pipes. Thanks to its narrow cross section area, this cable is suitable for installing on small diameter pipes or inside of pipes. With Fluoropolymer outer jacket, the cable is safe to be in direct contact with drinking water.


  • Designed for installation on small diameter pipes or inside pipes
  • Safe for drinking water application with Flouropolymer outer jacket
  • Protection against chemical and mechanical damage with Flouropolymer outer jacket
  • Temperature self-regulating, never over-heating, safe to overlap
  • Can be cut to lengths and terminated in the field
  • Applicable for both metallic and non-metallic pipes.
  • No temperature controller is required
  • Energy conservative
  • CE approved

ETR construction


Bus Wire: Tinned copper
Heating Core: Semi-conductive Self-limiting Matrix
Insulation: Radiation Crossed-linked Polyolefin
Braiding: Tinned copper
Outer Jacket: Thermoplastic or Fluoropolymer


Ordering Information

Model NumberPowerVoltageOuter Jacket
ETR010ME1-0000-CR 10W/m 110V~120V Thermoplastic
ETR010ME1-0000-CT 10W/m 110V~120V Fluoropolymer
ETR010ME3-0000-CR 10W/m 220V~277V Thermoplastic
ETR010ME3-0000-CT 10W/m 220V~277V Fluoropolymer
ETR016ME1-0000-CR 16W/m 110V~120V Thermoplastic
ETR016ME1-0000-CT 16W/m 110V~120V Fluoropolymer
ETR016ME3-0000-CR 16W/m 220V~277V Thermoplastic
ETR016ME3-0000-CT 16W/m 220V~277V Fluoropolymer


Self-regulating pipe freeze protection cable connectionn kits

Thermostatically Controlled Adapter