Prefabricated Foil Heating Module

Versatile Surface Heaters for a Wide Variety of Applications.

Prefabricated Foil Heating Module

E-poly now has a new Aluminum Foil Heating option that can be customized to any size and shape and with insulation board bonded.


  • Self-Contained one-piece or multi-piece assembly
  • Foldable modules for easy transportation
  • Easy to install
  • Low-profile design
  • Cost-effective solution compared to other surface heaters  
  • Virtually no shape restrictions includes cut-outs and holes  
  • Custom power output
  • Custom heating cable structure
  • No minimum order quantity



  • Choices of type and thickness of insulation board
  • Wattages and voltages can be designated
  • Additional covering
  • Power cable construction, material and plug 
  • Built-in single set-point controlling thermostat   
  • Built-in residual-current device (RCD)
  • Built to meet specific safety standards



Typical Heating Cable Construction


A. Ultra-thin FEP insulated twin-core wire

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B. Ultra-thin FEP insulated twin-core wire with tinned copper wire braiding

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C. FEP insulated twin-core wire with tinned copper wire braiding and FEP jacket

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Ordering Information

For custom heater design assistance, please contact us.