Pipe Freeze Protection

Effective and energy conservative solutions.

Pipe Freeze Protection by Constant Wattage Cable

This heating cable with an integrated energy-saving thermostat will automatically heat up when the temperature drops below 40°F/4°C.  To protect water pipes from freezing and bursting in winter, simply applied the cables straight along pipes and then cover the pipes with a layer of thermal insulation. The cables will make up for the heat lost through the thermal insulation and keep the pipes and water inside at a constant temperature.


  • Easy installation: Apply straight along pipes
  • Applicable for both metallic and plastic general water piping
  • Energy conservative: With build-in thermo-switch, the cable only operate when the ambient temperature is 40°F/4°C or less
  • Indicator light on the plug illuminates to show power is being supplied to the cable even when not heating
  • UL/cUL approved
  • CE approved (Please consult our sales representatives for available European models)



Cable Construction: Twin cores.
Conductor: Single heating conductor wraps around a fiberglass string, or 3 strands wire
Apply Voltage: 120V
Power: 7W/ft
Power Cord Length: 9.8ft(3m)
Maintenance Temperature: 4℃/40℉


Models Available

Lengths and Power
Model NumberLength(FT)Total Power(Watt)
PFC007FT1-0030 3 21
PFC007FT1-0060 6 42
PFC007FT1-0090 9 63
PFC007FT1-0120 12 84
PFC007FT1-0150 15 105
PFC007FT1-0180 18 126
PFC007FT1-0240 24 168
PFC007FT1-0300 30 210
PFC007FT1-0400 40 280
PFC007FT1-0600 60 420
PFC007FT1-0800 80 560